Clients (including those below) would tell you that they have benefited from my passion, ability and purpose to help people, teams, and organizations reach optimity. They would share that my positive energy and sense of humor are contagious and ever-present, my perspectives worth considering and my commitment to their success is genuine, unending and evident. And I bet that with very little arm-twisting they would admit that our partnership was a smart investment in their resources and organization, they enjoy having me around, and that I always do what I say I am going to do… and then some.

Melissa F. Banuchi, ATC

Whether it’s through coaching, consulting, or a combination of the two, I have enjoyed partnering with individuals, teams and organizations to bring about positive change. Keeping things simple and precise, making acute observations and developing meaningful and lasting relationships are just a few of the skills I’ve been appreciated for. It is important to me to establish trust and credibility through a relentless commitment to excellence and delivering measurable value in every aspect of my work. My background includes senior leadership positions in operations, sales and marketing; and after extensive training, I earned an ATC as an executive coach. As a member of Shattuck – St. Mary’s Schools’ Board of Directors , and Chair of their Advisory Committee, I proudly served my Alma Mater. Being the keynote speaker at a number of conferences has allowed me to utilize my facilitation and communication skills to share messages on leadership and being your best to larger audiences. When not working or spending time with my family, I can be found applying my creativity to personal projects or immersed in research trying to satisfy my insatiable curiosity.


I have enjoyed working with

Advocate Healthcare, Boeing, City of New York, FlexPrint, McDonalds, Navistar, Network Services Company, Optimer Brands, Pfizer, Sammons Financial Group, Shattuck-St. Mary’s Schools, Sony, and others.

People say the nicest things

David A. Falter, CEO, Optimer Brands

“Melissa is an insightful, inclusive, and collaborative strategic facilitator who, in a non-threatening and non-judgmental way, has challenged me and my team to ask tougher questions and to simply be better. She has helped my team to find connections to and meaning in both data and concepts we have not have considered. She has boundless energy, which is evident in her “24×7″ availability during our engagements. Equally important, Melissa is fun, enthusiastic, and positive. I will definitely contract her services again.”

Daniela Zarcone, Owner, Daniela’s Day Spa

“Through my coaching relationship with Melissa I became more assertive and productive in my career as well as in my daily life. Her listening skills, thought-provoking questions, and ability to challenge me, not only held me accountable in my desire for change, but also enabled and inspired me to achieve my personal and professional goals. If you are looking for a coach that truly cares about your success, to partner with you when you are starting a new job or business, look no further!”

Bob Moran, CAO, Optimer Brands

“I have partnered with Melissa at my last two companies and have found her to be a very professional, energetic, skilled facilitator and coach. Her ability to get the most from people and allow them to exceed even their own expectations is a tribute to her as an individual. If you need a creative, skilled facilitator/coach, I recommend Melissa.”

Ken Driscoll, Director, Talent Management Group, Navistar

“I had a great opportunity to work with Melissa while she facilitated a series of strategy development sessions. I found her to be very insightful, intuitive and non-judgmental. She has a keen ability to take all the thoughts and ideas floating around in the room and present them back in a clear and meaningful way. Often times helping us see things in ways we hadn’t thought of. I would highly recommend Melissa.”

Rick Dodd, CFO, Shattuck-St. Mary’s School

“I had the unique opportunity to work with Melissa as a consultant in her role as strategic facilitator/coach as well as a volunteer during her work on the Advisory Board at Shattuck-St. Mary’s. In both roles, I found Melissa to be extremely professional and creative. Melissa does indeed have a keen ability to take all the thoughts and ideas floating around in the room and present them back in a clear and meaningful way. I would highly recommend Melissa.”

Client, Phoenix, Arizona

“Melissa possesses the innate ability to listen, gain a clear understanding of a situation and offer objective support to help me work through challenging situations. Through these skills, along with her genuine concern for my well-being, I have experienced a significant break-though, both personally and professionally. Melissa has made a very positive impact on my life.”

Client, Chicago, Illinois

“On countless occasions I have relied on Melissa to help me rationalize a difficult situation, see through the fog of my personal emotions and make the right decisions. She is a very special person with a rare combination of personal attributes that make her such an effective coach. I would recommend Melissa to anyone who is need of someone to help them deal with both personal and professional challenges or rise to embrace opportunities.”