Focusing my experience, skills and passion on you, your team and business reaching the state of being best is what I am all about.

For you


Expanding your expertise and bandwidth to provide optimal results.
How often have you wished you had the ‘right’ person to assign a task that so much is riding on? A set of ears, eyes, hands and/or legs, backed up by brains you trust, to provide you with just what you need at a level that goes above and beyond what you have the time, interest, or expertise to give? Whether it be creating a rough or final draft, providing an unbiased perspective, coordinating all the details, gathering the necessary information, representing you or your company at an industry function, or whatever is keeping you up at night, chances are I’ve already done it, done it well and enjoyed doing it. So go ahead, give me your best shot. Prepare yourself to start sleeping better and to be Absolutely™ thrilled with the result!

For your people

Before Day One™
Partnering with newly hired and promoted executives to optimize their success.
I can’t think of a better way to welcome and vitalize newly hired or promoted executives than to provide them with an objective, outside partner focused only on their success. Imagine the benefits of them receiving targeted, confidential support during the critical first seven months of their tenure (one before they start and six after). Not only are you advancing their progress as they become fully accepted, productive and successful in their role and your organization more quickly and easily, you’re sending a strong message of dedication to excellence and your people. Before Day One™ is not only a sound investment in the morale and productivity of your new executives, but one in your organization as well.

Robust Leaders™
Unleashing the optimum performance of current and future leaders impacting your organization.
Proactive. Self-aware. Inspiring. Trustworthy. Calm. Focused. Imaginative. Courageous. Humble. Committed. One could go on and on listing the characteristics of truly great leaders, but you get the drift. Sometimes leaders and high-potentials that currently and will impact the success of your business’ culture, performance and bottom line would benefit by collaborating with an outside, impartial partner. Enabling an opportunity for the development and enhancement of necessary skills, behaviors and characteristics safely places your organization in the hands of Robust Leaders™ and on the path to greatness.

For your team

Teams That Excel™
Empowering your team with the facts and foundation necessary for optimal proficiency.
Removing the barriers reinforced by assumptions, inaction and the speed of business can transport your team members from being guarded, protective and unyielding to knowing and trusting their peers, being committed to resolving conflict and supporting your business’ best interests. It is never too late to provide the members of your team with a proper introduction to each other and give them the opportunity to create a foundation that promotes breakthrough performance. After all, it’s Teams That Excel™ that will lead your organization to win!

For your organization

Bringing into focus the optimal view of your business.
Where is your business headed in the next few years? How will your success be measured? Will you expand geographically? Where? Into new markets? Which ones? Offer new products? Services? What kind? To Whom? Why? And most importantly, says who? When you established your course, were the perspectives of your key internal and external stakeholders considered? Enlisting the imaginations, insight, and intelligence of your customers, manufacturers, suppliers, employees, etc., transforms your destination from ho-hum predictable to WOW! And you’ll notice an impressive difference in the level of clarity and excitement displayed by your key stakeholders. Armed with FutureView™ and the focus, unity and motivation it provides, your people will be on their way to reaching the right destination; the one that will increase the viability of your business.

Building together the framework necessary to optimize your most valued resources.
Once your destination has been successfully pinpointed, you will experience two things. First, you and your team members will be eager to move into action, and second, it will be clear to all that what got you to where you are today will not get you where you need to go. Don’t despair, not only will your people enjoy the simple and logical tools and techniques employed to bring about smart, bold, original and spirited ideas to reach your future, you’ll find yourselves undaunted while assigning resources to well-designed initiatives and actions. Creating a ClearPath™ enables you to confidently connect all that you rely on to the vehicles that will drive you to your destination.

And then some…

The Sprinkles™
Leaving you, your team and your organization forever changed.
I get unbelievable satisfaction (chills actually – you’ll see) from partnering with you, your team and/or organization as you create and meet your goals. To me, being a part of advancing your success is the cake AND frosting, and who doesn’t love cake and frosting? I get such a kick out of you and your team embracing the tools and techniques we will be utilizing. Hearing you share such excitement to use what you have learned with your teams, peers and even your kids is great! Hopefully as I do, you will equate the valuable results produced for your organization through our work together with the cake and frosting, and your people being forever changed as The Sprinkles™ on top.