Changing the World

by Melissa Banuchi on January 5, 2010

Eat healthier?  Check.  Spend more time with my kids?  Yep.   Change the world?  Wait-huh?  Perhaps there’s no better time to feel up to the task than now, the first week of January, when people believe that anything is possible.  As timing is everything, an interesting quote landed in my email this morning from Tom Peters, “Every project, small or large, this year will have to answer the question, “Does this change the world?”

Now, if I was in Mr. Peters’ presence when he came up with this, I would have respectfully asked him to consider what I believe is a better question, “HOW MIGHT this change the world?”

This is the season of New Year’s resolutions, fresh starts, and clean slates.  Welcome to 2010! Isn’t it something that people see the beginning of each year as just what they needed, the right time to make changes to become the very best they can be?  No judgment here, I’m all for whatever it takes to bring about positive change.  Me?  I am a firm believer that writing down your goals and objectives (that include appropriate measurements) is a great and necessary step in reaching them, no matter what time of year it is.

Please notice that I didn’t say FIRST step.  Nope.  Whenever you are setting the direction and goals for your life, job, team, or business, the first step should always be imagining the ideal ‘world’ you want to live in.  That ‘world’ could be your family, team, department, company, industry, etc.  Each of the entities listed above contain other individuals; important people, who not only care that you reach your goals, but will be either positively or negatively affected by whether or not you reach them.  Part of imagining the ideal is finding out what would thrill them beyond their wildest dreams.  Take the time to explore and understand what they’re looking for from you, your team and your business and set your direction and goals accordingly.   You may not thrill everyone beyond their wildest dreams or change the world, but you will have earned extra points with ‘your people’ for caring enough to ask, created a common language which will increase accountability between you and those that matter, and your compass will be set in a direction that you and others can trust.  Interested in learning more?  Great! Please click here.

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